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Beautiful Darkness

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The Story

Thinks are not what they appeared to be in Beautiful Creatures. In Beautiful Darkness we have come to find that Lena has changed everything, and despite the fact that she refused to claim herself she can feel herself going dark and desperately wants a life where she can be accepted. Driven from the guilt of killing someone so close to her, Lena finds herself on a journey to a place where magic is pure and everyone is supposedly accepted with someone that is not Ethan. There is a new guy in town, but he may not be as he seems. He is different, he could be dark, and he could be very dangerous. To Ethan he is more than just dangerous. He is the ultimate enemy and the one who could come between him and Lena.

My Thoughts

I felt so bad for Ethan in this book for the way Lena was acting. She was so mean to the poor boy it was insane. One minute she would act like she was still his girlfriend and then the next she was so evil to him. Some guy just shows up and Lena starts acting really weird. Basically I felt like Ethan just should have dropped her and let her deal with her crazy teenage girl hormonal imbalance herself. But then we find out that Ethan is not what he appears to be- he is not a normal mortal, but still too mortal for hsi crazy girlfriend as we know from the first book. Because of this, and how Lena was acting, I found myself rooting for Ethan and the new girl, Liv, to hit it off. I was also really excited for Link and Ridley because I finally thought they were going to be able to be together, but I am not so sure.

So basically at this point I do not really want Lena and Ethan to be together because of how Lena treats him. Therefore, as I continue on I really want to see how things go for Link and Ridley. Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl really was no where near as good as Beautiful Creatures. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars.



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