Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl was a pretty good book.

The World

The setting is in a place called Gatlin, South Carolina. It is a very small town with some secrets from the past. The town basically still lives in the Civil War era to an extent and is very in touch with their southern heritage. However, like any small town, everyone knows everyone. Because of this we see the normal group cliques and the high priority of people in town (for a lack of a better term).

The Characters

The main character is named Lena and she is a 15 year old girl who is very different from everyone else. Because of her differences- and strange family secrets- she constantly has to move from place to place and has a lot of trouble making friends. She is not your typical, lonely, just-doesn’t-fit-in kind of girl. Lena, and her family, have some dark secrets.

The other main character is Ethan Wate. In the beginning he seems like the normal, popular, teenager- until Lena comes to town. He is immediately drawn to Lena and how different she is from everyone he knows. Once they start becoming friends, however, Ethan would become a social outcast to everyone except Link.

Link is Ethan’s best friend and despite how the other kids feel about him still hanging out with Ethan, he remains a true friend. What a strange kid he is. Not only does he think he has the greatest band ever, but he also thinks he is quite the lady’s man. Some of the things he said, and the confidence he carries actually made me laugh out loud.

The Plot

We start off Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl with Ethan having a dream about a girl he has never met before. Once Lena shows up in Gatlin he realizes that she looks familiar but he is unsure how. It was not until he almost ran over her with his car in a nasty rain storm that he realizes Lena is literally the girl of his dreams. He is intrigued by how different she is from the people in Gatlin and Ethan and Lena quickly become friends. They discover that there is more to their connection than just friendship and dreams, and together they must unravel the secrets behind Lena, her family, and even Gatlin’s past.

My Thoughts

I really liked this book. I thought that Lena was a sweet girl, but was a little socially awkward due to how she perceived herself and the secrets she held. I thought that her and Ethan made a really good couple, but I kind of felt bad for Ethan a little because he really wanted to be with Lena in the worst way. Although Lena felt the same way she tried to push him away. She was not only afraid of hurting him- physically- but I think she really felt like she did not deserve him. I really liked how despite how everyone treated Lena, Ethan stuck by her; and no matter how much Ethan tried to hold onto Lena, people no longer wanted to be his friend, but Link stuck by him.

Overall, I thought Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl was a really good book and I enjoyed reading it. However, I do not feel like it lived up to the hype I was hearing and it did take me a really long time to read. Ultimately, I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars and I am continuing on with the series for now.



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