Angelfall by Susan Ee

Image borrowed from Susan Ee

The World

We are taken to a post Apocalyptic world where society has crumbled due to an ANGEL invasion. People are dead and dying, buildings have crumbled, survival gangs have taken over, and children are being taken. Those who have lived through the apocalypse are fighting for their survival, and life does not appear to be getting any better.

The Characters

Penryn- the main character is a 16 year old girl who is trying to hold her family together. She really had to grow up fast as she can no longer be a normal teenage girl. There are no dances for her, no after school programs, and no friends. Now, rather than learn how to survive high school, she must learn how to survive life itself.

Penryn’s mother- She is not much of a mother. It is suggested that she might be schizophrenic and that she may be responsible for Paige’s, Penryn’s little sister’s, condition.

Paige- She is wheelchair bound due to an accident that had occurred when she was about 2 years old. Penryn and her father came home to find her hurt when she was home with her mother, and strangely, that is when her mother suggested that Penryn needed to take self defense classes in order to protect herself from her mother.

Raffe- Raffe is an angel, but we aren’t quite sure what he is all about. He is arrogant and humorous, but his main goal is to find his wings that had been cut off of his back, and Penryn is the key to him getting them back.

The Plot

We find Penryn, her mother, and her sister in her home six weeks after the angel invasion. They are running out of food and thus must venture out into the crumbled world in order to continue surviving. They understood the possibility of danger, but they never dreamed of encountering what they faced.

As they weave through abandoned cars they see shadows off into the distance. They can see that angels are ganging up on another angel and they cut his wings off. Despite the fact that the angels are responsible for all that has happened in their world, Penryn strangely decides to help this angel.

They are spotted and they run as one angel slowly approaches. Penryn picks up the sword and sends it flying to the angel that lay broken on the ground. He defeats the angels who are attacking him, but one of them is furious and gives Penryn an evil look. The evil angel takes flight and picks up Paige out of her wheelchair as her and Penryn are trying to flee- their mother no where in sight.

Realizing she can not follow them, Penryn is saddened but determined to find where her sister has been taken and rescue her. So she turns to the angel that had been left for dead and saves him. She thinks that he, whom we later learn to be called Raffe, is the key to finding her sister and thus she makes a deal with the angel that if he helps her find her sister she will make sure he can have his wings sewn back on.

My Thoughts

I am curious to know whether or not Penryn’s mother is actually schizophrenic or if she just knows things that other’s do not. If you think about it, “the demons” in her head are considered to be her own demons and are non existent to others, but what if her madness is not schizophrenia, but knowledge.  Is it possible that the demons inside her head are actually angels?

Then we have Penryn and Raffe. In the angel world angels must never be with “man’s daughter.” Yet there is so much chemistry between the two of them that I wonder if they are going to cross that line. Poor Penryn, she is clearly interested in Raffe, and I feel like Raffe might be interested in her, but he tells her flat out that he is not interested at one point in the book. Is he really telling the truth?

What might the story be with these “low demons”? What do the angels want with them if anything? Is it possible that those are the next wave in an effort to destroy humans?

I really hope we find out what is going on in the next book. Susan Ee keeps you on the edge of your seat to read the next book because there are so many questions that still need to be answered. Overall, this book is amazing. There is action, drama, a tease to romance, and let’s not forget a lead female protagonist who actually surprises you. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars and I plan on reading World After this month!!


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For more on Susan Ee you can visit her website


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