The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

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I will start by reviewing Suzanne Collins’ popular literature franchise: The Hunger Games. As the first book in the trilogy, The Hunger Games introduces us to the strong-willed sixteen-year-old heroine, Katniss Everdeen. Set in a dystopian future, the book is written from the perspective of Katniss who, along with her mother and younger sister, Primrose, attempt to survive the omnipotent government (also known as the Capitol) and their corruption which floods through the districts. The only entertainment available to the poverty stricken districts is a live television show named ‘The Hunger Games’. One male and one female are picked at random from each of the twelve districts and only one rule applies: ‘kill or be killed’. This novel follows Katniss and her struggle throughout the games, portraying thrilling cliffhangers at the end of every chapter and descriptions which urge your inner-survivor to be unleashed.


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